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Mercedes Benz - Brand History

The legendary brand Mercedes Benz is now associated with luxury and excellence. But the story witnesses that the first steps that resulted into such a great success were made by two people who hardly knew each other.

Mercedes models include luxury cars, buses, vans, SUV's, trucks, but Mercedes is most famous for its motor car racing involvement.

Two different men came up with two different ideas about two different cars. However surprising this fact is but the truth is that Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz created their own separate companies and produced their own cars. Moreover these companies were rivals for more than 30 years. But later on due to economic reasons the companies merged and a most powerful automobile factory was established.

In 1871 Karl Benz with his partner August Ritter established the "Iron Foundry and Machine Shop", his first company. But soon the partners separated and Karl Benz started to work on his own. At the beginning of 1880s Karl Benz invented his two-stroke engine.

In 1880s another inventor, Gottlieb Daimler, improved the four-stroke single-cylinder engine. Furthermore, he fitted it in a two-wheeler of his own design.

But the name Mercedes was created only later, in 1898, when Emil Jellinek won the Nice-Magagnon-Nice rally. Emil Jellinek decided to name the cars after his daughter, Mercedes. He bought and sold Daimler's cars but one of his conditions was that the cars bear the name of his daughter. Using the name "Mercedes" made the things much easier as by that time Daimler had already sold the rights to his name and designs to foreign companies.

Two great rivals, Daimler and Benz, competed till the 1920s when hard times forced their merge. In 1926 a new company, Daimler-Benz AG was established. It was here where Mercedes cars were produced.

The Mercedes logo was created by Daimler and originated from the star that he once sent to his wife on the postcard intending to describe his wishes. The star marked the house where he lived while working and Daimler described it as a star that one day "will shine down on my work". The three point silver star surrounded by a circle represents the three branches of motorization: on land, on water and in the air. It may also be interpreted as a symbol of small, reliable, and powerful engine that Daimler wanted to create. Mercedes is well known for its land vehicles but nevertheless it has produced engines for boats and planes.

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